100 Plus Tackles In 2020?

Rahim Whatts, Spoto 2022 LB – Name the last great linebacker to come out of Spoto High School? We’ll wait. Sure would be nice if Whatts comes to the rescue and puts a placeholder on the Spartan defense. A program that hasn’t seen many wins the last six seasons, Rahim Whatts could be a bright spot. He’s quick, seems to be aggressive, and can get sideline to sideline. We like him for a bunch of tackles this season especially because the defense might be on the field a lot.

Zacharih Walker, Sumner 2023 LB – Maxpreps has him for 12 solo tackles, 27 total tackles last season. Doesn’t scream “100 in 2021.” But the combination of athleticism, a favorable schedule, and a pretty good coaching staff leans us on the side of the fence where his production jumps 75% rather than dipping. He has a great frame for a high school LB, good quickness, and his coaches speak highly of his work ethic.

Logan Ballard, Venice 2022 LB – Venice is known for putting quality players on the field, coaching them up and dudes exploding becoming outstanding high school players. Ballard might be another. Outside of Sarasota County, opposing players might not even know his name or number. However, 35 solo tackles and 50 total tackles last season, it’s a good chance he’ll triple those stats this season. You can already tell he is technically sound, lives in the weight room, and is a smart player. You’ll know his name by the post-season.

Keoni Denny, Sumner 2023 LB – Maxpreps shows 18 solos a year ago with 9 TFLs. It’s gonna be a lot more this season. Denny is starting to become a household name. Building steam on the recruiting scene also. Sumner will feature him on both sides of the ball. Defensively, expect him to never be in the same place two snaps in a row. With a player of his ability, moving him around and giving him more freedom will only create all kinds of chaos for the opposition.