10 Questions for Lake Gibson’s Travis Williams ‘Living in the Clutch’

Lakeland, April 18, 2018– The Gibson Braves came up short last year, ending their 6-4 season on a sour note with a devastating first-round playoff loss, and this upcoming 2018 season they’re stepping back on the battlefield with a vengeance, putting senior leader and play-caller Travis Williams at the front line. The 6’2” 170-pound Quarterback is more comfortable and collected going into his farewell season, and means serious business.

Travis had a stand-out junior year in 2017, posting 1,364 passing yards, 102 completions on 151 attempts (a new school record), 112 QBR and an 11-3 touchdown to interception ratio. He also contributed to the Braves’ scoreboard using his feet, totaling 13 kick points and 12 punts for 367 yards and a long-punt of 43! His top star performance surfaced in a game against Auburndale in a 35- blowout W, with almost a perfect QBR of 171.1, going 13 for 14, throwing for 220 yards, a .929 C% and 2 TD’s.

On tape there’s no argument that Williams is quick out of the pocket, pinpointing throws effectively to the sideline and out of the numbers, wherever he pleases and capitalizes when his back is to the wall in late-game situations. Without further ado, here’s a BCP inside-scoop on his journey and progression as an athlete with hopes at delving into a deeper playoff run in his fairly-new adapted surroundings.

BCP- What are you looking forward to most going into your final season?

Travis- “Last year was a learning experience for me, just transferring to Lake Gibson I had to learn a more complex system and everything was new to me. This upcoming season I can relax and focus on getting better individually and emerging as a leader.”

BCP: How are you staying game-ready and preparing physically as an athlete?

Travis- “I’m working out Monday-Friday in the weight room. When I’m not doing that, I’m playing in a competitive 7 on 7 team out of Plant City.”

BCP: How about you and the team’s pre-game ritual?

Travis- “After school on game day, Offense goes to one room, and Defense stays in the other. We listen to music and get our minds focused before we eat, after we eat we head to the gym where our pre game walkthrough takes place. One thing about Coach Demyer on game day is there’s no funny business going on, and that’s how it should be.”

BCP: What is your motivation and mind-set going into your last year?

Travis- “Last year I felt like I had a solid year individually. As a team, we didn’t end things the way we wanted it to go, and I’m using that 1st round playoff loss as motivation for this year.”

BCP: Talking goals, how about after high school plans?

Travis- The Ultimate goal is to receive a scholarship to play Division 1 football at a school that can also offer a great education. After it’s all said and done with, your education is more important than anything.

BCP: What are your best attributes as a QB?

Travis- “I would say my accuracy, last season I set a Lake Gibson School record for completion percentage. Another thing I pride myself on is making everyone around me better.”

BCP: How have you progressed as an athlete from last season and what do you need to improve on to take your game to the next level where you want it to be?

Travis- “I’ve gotten a lot stronger this off season. Also, playing 7v7’s has helped me with my accuracy and timing, I have definitely seen improvements in my arm strength and accuracy.”

BCP: What certain areas as a team do you need to clean up to have a better shot at going deeper into the playoffs this next time?

Travis- “This past season we weren’t as close as we already are this year. A lot of the kids on the team just thought things were just going to happen for us because of the state run the year before, this year we know we have to put in the work to get there.”

BCP: Away from the game, what do you enjoy most in your spare time?

Travis- “In my free time I like to catch dubs in Fortnite with my boy Jocquet Jiles, 2019 RB, Auburndale High!”

BCP: The toughest and favorite part about your position?

Travis- “The toughest part of the position is the Quarterback gets 99% of the blame when things go South, but I have pretty thick skin when it comes to that. My favorite part is the pressure that comes with it, I thrive off it. I like having the ball in my hands in the clutch, that’s when my best game emerges.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor