Examine the RB: Haines City’s Dacorius Law the lab rat

Similar to our LB examination, we wanted to use a prospect who we think very highly of, has few to no verbal offers and is receiving a good amount of recruiting attention.

Haines City has a 6 foot, 190 pound RB named Dacorius Law. Law is our #1 ranked RB prospect and #4 ranked prospect over all and does not have one verbal offer to date. So either, we are totally off in our evaluation or college coaches are missing on this one for the time being. Either way, one party knows something the other does not. Iowa State, South Florida, UCONN, Florida, Central Florida and Youngstown State are all showing interest.

Let’s use Dacarius to evaluate the running back.

The very first clip shows how explosive Law is. Meaning, how fast can he get to top speed and with quick twitch movements. You can see after he makes his last move around the -26 yard line, Laws burst to quickly pull away from the defense. He decelerated to make a move and 2 steps later he is near full speed. Very explosive.

See the second clip. At the :21 mark also shows balance and anticipation along with a pretty change of direction. Also, checkout the jump cut at the 5:16 mark.

Law does such a great job setting up defenders. He is great at avoiding tacklers and changing directions. See the :55 second mark.

For a ball carrier, balance, being able to stay on your feet after contact or after change of direction, balance is big. At the 1:36 mark, Law intercepts a ball, avoids tackles, takes on contact and stays on his feet. See for yourself.

Start at the 3:02 mark and watch the next 4 clips after. Vision is being able to quickly scan a small proximity of the field, know the threats and anticipate their reaction. See the film.

At the :42 second mark you will see all of the following:
pick and slide
hits the hole quickly
plant and explosion

Good running backs in the open field need to display speed outside the tackle box, plant and push and show a true potential to score. See the 2:24 mark.

RBs have to be able to break tackles and CAN NOT get tackled by a single defender. At the 2:11 mark, Law displays a great example of breaking tackles and balance. Even better example, may be at the 4:12 mark.

No clips available on Law’s film that displays him in pass protection. However, it is a very relevant characteristic of a good RB.

There are several clips where Law creates mismatch problems becoming a receiver out the backfield. The :32 and 2:24 second mark are great examples.

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