The Ignite showcase is where you go to compete against the best. Attending Ignite shows talent evaluators and college recruiters that you are serious about being the best at your craft. Ignite will expose you to the best athletes around and will test your athletic ability as well as you mental toughness.

HERE IS THE “KICKER”: The 3 BCP Competition Series Events (Ignite, E7-Spring and E7-Summer) will conclude with THE XECUTIVES! Xecutives IS AN INVITATION ONLY Showcase where the top performers from Ignite, E7 Spring and E7 Summer will be invited (Free of Charge) to compete at the Mid Summer bash…The Xecutives, which will be the Elite of the 3 Competition events. Ignite is the start and the event Area Athletes look forward to.

Ignite is a non padded event, with moderate contact, which will focus on selected football related activities ranging from the 40 yard dash to position specific footwork drills. Ignite Elite Football Skills Combine is open to underclassmen (presently 9th -11th grade) high school football players looking to show off their skills. Many of Florida’s top high school football players have attended the IGNITE Showcase, which has helped to make this event one of the best in Florida.

Participating IGNITE athletes will:
Be measured in the following Anthropometric Measures: height and weight, will be tested in following Functional Performance Tests (specific to position): the 40-yard dash (handheld), broad jump, short shuttle, 3 cone and med ball toss. Results are for BCP private use only. Results only shared with college football programs by request from college football coaches and only if test score strengthens recruiting interest. Athletes will also Perform position specific footwork and skill drills; Compete in 1 on 1 activities.

January 8th, 2017

Larry Sanders Sports Complex, Tampa Florida